LFM - LFM User Meeting Europe 2012 | Reasons to attend
LFM 3D scanning software

LFM User Meeting | Europe 2012

Reasons to attend


The LFM User Meeting provides new and exisiting customers from a range of backgrounds and industries with a valuable opportunity to learn about the innovative 3D laser scanning solutions that LFM Software can offer. By attending this user group, participants will gain insight into best practices and learn about new features of LFM, designed to improve efficiency and productivity in the field.


Forge the future of your own company by participating in the development of LFM. Take advantage of a valuable opportunity to influence future software releases. A customer feedback session will allow users to share their experiences of LFM laser scanning software and to provide their suggestions for development. This is a vital element in LFM Software's continual development policy. Many development suggestions are implemented and then demonstrated to customers the following year.


Finally, attendees will have the opportunity to network with peers and industry leaders from around the globe. The LFM User Meeting is the perfect opportunity, not only to meet peers, but also to share your experiences with them.

Do not miss out on this unparalleled occasion to be a part of LFM's future !