LFM - LFM User Meeting USA 2013 | Overview
LFM 3D scanning software

LFM User Meeting - USA 2013 (Houston, TX)

Thursday 21 February 2013

8:30am - 5.30pm

Business Performance Centre, Houston Texas, USA

Here at LFM, we understand the importance of our customers. Their input is essential to the growth of LFM, and a large number of users' requests are implemented in each of our new software releases.

User Meetings are of vital importance to us, as they are the best opportunity for customers to give their feedback directly to the LFM Team and, thus, to participate in and define the development of our LFM suite.

In 2012, both User Meetings (in Houston in April, and The Hague in November) were well attended and companies including BP, Jacobs, Mustang Engineering and Hi-CAD were present to help shape the future of LFM.

We all look forward to this year's User Meeting in Houston, TX.

This will be a perfect opportunity for existing and new users to discuss current and future developments, and help us to continue to develop the LFM suite.

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