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New LFM Software versions released and brand identity announced!

Date added: 9th Aug 2010

New LFM Software versions released and brand identity announced!

Z+F UK today announced the release of LFM Server 3.95, LFM Register 3.95, LFM Modeller 3.95 and LFM NetView 1.2. These product versions are the latest innovations in a continuous cycle of development with which LFM has been engaged since the 1990's.

LFM is already a very powerful solution. The latest releases will further reduce project timescales, increase cost savings and accomplish quality improvements beyond what can already be achieved.

New features of LFM include a Bundle Adjustment feature in LFM Register. Bundle Adjustment is a software process that leads to higher levels of accuracy that until now have been associated with traditional survey instruments. LFM Register allows the user to 'bundle adjust' laser scan data. Trials have shown that as much as 50% less control survey work may be needed when using bundle adjustment. In some scenarios, bundle adjustment can be used in place of a control survey, for example in explosive or hazardous environments where it is not possible to use an electronic total station.

Other new features include BubbleView™  Modelling in LFM Modeller. Modelling within the BubbleView™ is an incredibly fast way of producing 3D CAD models directly from the laser scan data. It is highly intuitive and easy to learn. Productivity with this technology is greatly enhanced when compared to any previously available software.

"The latest software products have been launched in conjunction with a new branding strategy for LFM. Customers already understand the benefits provided by LFM 3D laser scanning software, the new brand identify communicates these benefits to a growing market." - Andrea Howey, Marketing Co-ordinator

LFM provides a completely innovative solution that is constantly evolving all of the time to meet changing needs and customer demands. Numerous CAD links means that only one 3D laser scanning software package is necessary regardless of the CAD deliverable required. The number of CAD interfaces are increasing in accordance with our continual innovation policy.

A hardware neutral approach means only one LFM 3D laser scanning software is required even when there are multiple hardware systems. If the hardware system changes, the software solution does not have to. As new software versions are released, new laser scanning hardware systems are supported. LFM evolves with the customer.

"Customers appreciate both the continual nature of our powerful innovations and the excellent support provided to them. LFM is their preferred 3D laser scanning software choice for now and in the long term." - Gary Farrow, Director

To read more about the latest product releases click here and choose the relevant product page.

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