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LFM User Meeting - Americas 2012 review

Date added: 30th Apr 2012

LFM User Meeting - Americas 2012 review

The annual LFM User Meeting was held at the Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel in Houston, TX and it was once again well attended. Companies including Jacobs, BP, Fluor, FARO, Z+F and many more joined us on the day. In total, 45 users made their way to the American User Meeting.

After Matt Craig (Business Development Manager for North America - LFM Software Ltd) had introduced the new LFM Certified Service Provider Programme and explained the new LFM Software Limited business strategy going forward, Graham Dalton (VP 3D Data Capture, Product Development – LFM Software Ltd) presented the LFM’s product roadmap. This was a perfect opportunity to present the 'LFM Goals' and the approach we want to take when developing LFM Software. For instance, Graham highlighted the fact that the development team is working on making the entire LFM suite a lot more ‘simple, scalable, neutral, and user driven’.

Neil Cocker (LFM Support Team Lead ) and Andrew Roberts (LFM Product Development Team Lead) then took over, to demonstrate the brand new products, including LFM Server 4.1 which Graham Dalton describes as 'the same but better'.  LFM Server 4.1 seems to have been well received by users.

One of the many comments we got from last year’s meeting was that not enough time had been allocated for the feedback session, and this was one of the first things we kept in mind when organizing this year’s event.  For this reason, we had completely changed the way we would approach this meeting, and the entire afternoon session was devoted to users' feedback, in order to make sure we had enough time to discuss participants’ issues. For the afternoon session, participants were divided into two groups to address issues and needs that are specific to their industry: service providers and end-users.

This feedback session was a definite success, and it ended up being a genuine discussion amongst users, where each and everyone of them shared their experience with LFM Software.  If you were unable to attend, your feedback is still important to us – contact us via the website or email joce.boissin@aveva.com with your feedback.

The LFM User Meeting was a great successl.  We look forward to our European User Meeting, to be held in November, after SPAR Europe.

You can view pictures of the event on our LFM Facebook page



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