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LFM Server 4.1 released !

Date added: 27th Jul 2012

LFM Server 4.1 released !

The LFM Software team today announces the launch of LFM Server 4.1.

This new version of LFM Server provides a host of novel new features that will revolutionize the way users view and work with 3D laser scan data. 

After months of development and testing, the eagerly awaited LFM Server 4.1 is finally here. Many new features now compliment an already well established product, including:

  • Intelligent BubbleViews: brand new 'Hot Spotting', alllowing users to visualize objects in the BubbleView
  • Import and read CAD objects within the LFM Server environment
  • New project hierarchy : completely redefined to add more capabilities

Discover all those new features online. Multiple marketing collaterals are already available  to help you better understand the new capabilities, including videos via the LFM Youtube channel or a dedicated webpage on the LFM website.

The LFM Youtube channel is the best way to check out all the new videos by watching the LFM Server 4.1 playlist.

Alternatively, the dedicated webpage will also give you access to the product release documents and amazing pictures.

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