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What our Vice President thinks of LFM Server 4.1

Date added: 27th Jul 2012

What our Vice President thinks of LFM Server 4.1


"The  release of LFM Server 4.1 marks the first product developed fully within the AVEVA family.

The rapid growth in popularity of laser scanning means that 3D laser scanners now come in all shapes and sizes to meet the demands of different markets and budgets. All of these systems use a fast scanning laser to measure distance; collecting precise location data of the surrounding environment in a convenient 3D image.

This distinct technology has found applications in many industries including process, manufacturing, utilities, construction, archaeology and entertainment. LFM Server is now ideally placed to bring significant benefits to each of these markets.

The Points Engine, which is at the heart of LFM Server, uses our InfiniteCore technology. This enables LFM Server to load and display data from an unlimited number of scans. Another key aspect of LFM Server allows it to connect to and feed structured laser data into a wide range of modern CAD systems.

The technology focus for this important release of LFM Server is in the areas of workflow and ease-of-use.

More Open than ever. Changes for this release mean that data from virtually any laser scanner can be read into the LFM Dataset.

Faster Bubble Views.  Interacting with the BubbleViews in the laser data, whether this is for viewing, measuring or modelling, is a key part of the user experience. This is why we have greatly enhanced virtually every part of the infrastructure to provide enhanced speed, more clarity and better measurement facilities.

Clear Project Structure. Rapid growth in demand for laser scanning coupled with increased performance of laser scanning systems means that 5000 scan project is now a reality; so being able to locate it quickly becomes ever more important. This is why, in this latest release, a powerful new Organiser allows scans to be dragged onto to named regions. Users can now rapidly go to the correct Zone in their plant at the click of a mouse."


Graham Dalton

Vice President 3D Data Capture Product Development

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