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LFM Business Paper: 'Lighting the Way'

Date added: 28th Sep 2012

LFM Business Paper: 'Lighting the Way'

3D laser scanning technology has now matured to become the solution of choice for the site survey problem.

Unfortunately, these capabilities appear to be a temptation to regard the laser as a ‘magic bullet’ which guarantees a perfect result. But, as with any tool, the quality of the result depends on the way in which it is used. 

Even the most successful businesses sometimes fail to appreciate the importance of well-defined and managed business processes. But by using an individual laser-based revamp as an opportunity to create a template for its successors, and particularly by exploiting the considerable experience of industry specialists within AVEVA and LFM Software, such a process is not hard to define and will deliver sustained benefits over time.

In this business paper, 'Lighting the Way', we present our top five recommendations for an effective laser-enabled revamp.


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